“We Design for People to Create a Better World”

Successful design concepts commence with strong understanding of our clients’ vision, goals, expectations, budget, and priorities. This is how our firm has ensured client satisfaction since 1951.

Bitar Consultants doesn’t define design excellence in aesthetic terms only, but also in solving the clients’ functional problems and create environments that are inclusive and culturally aware.

We believe that at the heart of each challenge lays a creative idea waiting for an architect to unveil it, the process of turning challenges into inspirations.

Architectural services that we provide:

  • Architecture

  • Architectural Engineering

  • Experience Design

  • Interior Architecture & Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Corporate Architectural Identity

  • Signage & Wayfinding Studies

  • Feasibility Studies for Architectural Projects


Our company’s projects cover the following categories:

  • Administrative Buildings

  • Corporate Architecture

  • Banks

  • Cultural Institute

  • Mixed-use & Commercial Projects

  • Educational Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Industrial Projects

  • Residential & Housing Projects

  • Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Design

  • Heritage & Tourism Projects

  • Architectural Competitions





Bitar Consultants is a multidisciplinary engineering ‘House of Knowledge’ that have structural, mechanical and electrical engineering departments with experienced engineering teams who can present the best solutions for each specific project taking into account the latest available technologies, best practices and economic solutions.

Engineering services that we provide

  • Structural Engineering ( Design / Design Review )

  • MEP-Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

  • Fire & Safety Engineering

  • Value Engineering

  • Quantity Surveying & Contract Writing

  • Feasibility Studies for Engineering Projects





We combine strategic road advice with multi-disciplinary technical knowledge to help clients and partners plan, build and optimize sustainable road networks, connecting neighborhoods, cities and regions safely and efficiently.

Bitar Consultants roads and infrastructure services include the designs of Geometric Layouts, Road Intersections, Bridges, Underpasses, Overpasses, Airports, Helipads, Wet & Dry Utilities, Earth Works, Grading Works, Swept Path Analysis with inputs from the hydraulics, hydrogeology and environmental studies teams.





A great design cannot be realized without high standard supervision services.

Our methodology aims to:

  • Ensure Project Completion within its Set Timeframe

  • Ensure Project Completion within its Set Budget

  • Reduce Risks & Disputes

  • Enhance Team Coordination

  • Achieve Project Quality According to Contract

  • Improve Project Value Through Innovation





A project may be well conceived, adequately financed, but without proper project management, anything could go wrong. If all aspects of a project are not meticulously integrated and managed, it may overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in technical quality.

At BC we have the knowhow to manage complex projects and help owners out from site selection to setting programs through feasibility studies to architectural design and engineering, procurement, construction, completion and finally facility management and maintenance.

We have profound experience in resolving construction clashes and identifying issues before they arise and become problems. BC team's focuses on the overall picture, the establishment of priorities, and coordination of activities and participants to ensure achievement of high quality projects that are delivered safely, accurately, on time and within budget.

Environmental Studies and Research

Sustainability & Environmental Studies


Bitar Consultants believe that a quality design is not only aesthetically sound, but also works in total harmony with its natural environment, minimizing its consumption of energy and other natural resources.

We design to provide our clients with sustainable design that is progressive, responsible, and not only affordable initially, but ultimately, cost saving over the life of the facility. We believe that the best sustainable design is the simplest, most passive, easy to operate and sustain. We have firsthand knowledge in the requirements of internationally recognized green rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM.

We have vast experience in conducting rapid environmental studies; environmental impact assessment studies and other specialized studies that various projects may need to guarantee their sustainability and positive effects over surrounding environments.